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What our customers are saying!

Uma's advice regarding my nutrition has helped me tremendously in losing 28 lbs in 3 months, lowering my sugar, cholesterol levels and making me feel many years younger. Between nutrition management, exercise and Yoga that I do, I firmly believe that Uma's guidance regarding my nutrition has been the most significant in restoring my health.

Prasanna Rao

What our customers are saying

I had recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes when I went to see Uma. She set up a low carb diet for me that was based on the kinds of food I like to eat. After a few months of following the plan, I took an A1C test and it came back normal. I would recommend Uma because she is knowledgeable and invested in patient success.

Scott K.

What our customers are saying!

I had been to doctor after doctor for over a year and a half with no relief from constant nausea and insomnia, and no diagnosis that worked. By the time I found Ms. Sridhar I was too weak to work or eat much beyond liquids and had found no answers. 

She was so encouraging, incredibly knowledgeable, and very thorough; I hadn't felt as heard by any doctor I'd been to. She asked questions that had never come up before, and walked me through every aspect of my individualized plan. Within just a few weeks of following her plan the nausea was significantly reduced. Within a few months it was entirely gone, and the insomnia was almost gone. 

It's been almost two years since I saw Ms. Sridhar, and I have been sticking to the long term version of her diet plan since then. Far from simply being nausea/insomnia-free now, I get sick less than I ever have before, I have more energy, and my mood is more stable and positive than I can remember.

K. Baldwin

I went to see Uma last April after finding out I was pre-diabetic. She was able to tailor a diet specifically for me - and she taught me all about eating for my needs. I have lost 40 pounds- and kept it off! Plus she follows up on how I am doing. My A1C level is also normal- down almost 10 points. Thanks Uma- you changed my life! And I got to buy all new clothes!

Anne Saunders

The services I have received at Nutrition Consult, LLC have been very helpful. I have been able to use the tools and skills learned to make better choices when planning meals and selecting healthy snacks. Doing so has resulted in better sleep habits, more energy throughout the day and progressive weight management. I'm happier and my family and I are eating healthier.  

Michelle Turner

What our customers are saying

You are a great person and a nutritionist . You take your time to explain everything not in a rush at all. You do call and e-mail to check on me as well. It was so personal that I loved it.

Zubaria Latif

What our customers are saying

I would like to highly recommend Nutrition Consult as a place to go as I found Mrs Uma's in depth knowledge of the variety of foods

is very valuable and it really helped me understand how you can approach issue with an alternative to medicine. Please note this is not treatment for your diabetes, this is way to approach the deficiency in an alternative way so that you can control and still enjoy the food you eat and over the period of time you can get rid of the deficiency naturally.

N. Muralikrishna

What our customers are saying

The service received at Dr. Uma's office was excellent. She personalized all I could eat, including quantities and calories. It helped me a lot to understand not only what I was eating but how I can change it. She is not in a hurry to finish and answers all the doubts or questions you may have. I really recommend her as a great nutritionist  who cares about the patient. 

Luz G. Nazario